Ugh, the old author bio. Considering I've been at this gig for a while now you’d think that would have given me time to think about what to write. You’d think wrong.

You don’t want to hear about me, do you? I mean, I’m only writing this because I’m procrastinating about editing, with playschool on the TV, a five-year-old building a planet out of Lego and a one-year-old giving me high fives as I type.

So. Bio. Here it is…

Amy Hopkins is a seven-inch-tall pixie who lives in a toadstool. Her three small minions keep her busy chasing slurns and bandibadgers out of the tiny house and she enjoys getting really, really drunk on dandelion nectar while watching her husband (a very tall gnome) build toadstool extensions and install windows in the surrounding mushrooms.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it?

This is me, but you probably guessed that. It's an old picture, though. My glasses are red now.