Dawn of Darkness - Snippet 3

If you're reading this, it means I'm dead. Wait, no, wrong movie.

If you're reading this, we're only days from the release of Dawn of Darkness, the second book in A New Dawn. 

The author (that's me) is probably catatonic with streets and suffering fatal carpal tunnel syndrome from trying to force all the words fro book three onto paper. The words exist already... they're just in my head. Gotta get them down! 

So, I'll scoot off to finish that. Prepare the rubber chickens. Maybe a few more than last time, because that was a loooong wait between Michael hitting publish and the book finally going live!

But, that's all in the future. 

Here is the third chapter of Dawn of Darkness!

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Dawn of Darkness - Snippet 1

Hey guys! Woah, I can't believe how well Dawn of Destiny is doing. It's skyrocketing and the comments and reviews I'm getting are just so uplifting!  

I know you hate waiting. I know you hate long gaps between books. 

That's why my next book is... complete. It'll be out just one short week after the first one!  

If you can't wait that long to whet your appetite, here is the first snippet. 

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Dawn of Destiny: Snippet #4

Eek! If you're reading this, MY BOOK COMES OUT TOMORROW! Well, assuming there are no last minute glitches on Amazon's end.

My toddler is sitting next to me cutting paper and every now and then, she looks up to say "Good job, mum, good job." I have NO idea what she's referring to, as I'm just sitting here typing (and trying not to curse too loudly when I mess up a copy and paste sequence). Still, it feels good.

Not as good as this though. Dawn of Destiny is will be my sixth published book. My first four were urban fantasy, the fifth was a co-written litRPG project. All were a whirlwind of fun, with the occasional tears when I broke things. Why are things so easy to break? I swear, apps and programs and printers and laptops all hate me!  

Maybe I just need more coffee... 

Here is Chapter Three of Dawn of Destiny. Make sure you grab the book tomorrow, then pop back once you've read it for snippets of book two, which is coming VERY soon! 

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